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 Authentic Mexican Cousine...



Mexican Typical Dishes
Platillos Tipicos Mexicanos

BISTEC ENCEBOLLADO                              10.96
Soft steak cooked with onions, served with
rice, refried
beans, and tortillas.

CARNE ASADA                                                       10.95
Beef stew with its special seasonings. Served with rice
and refried beans. 

MILANESA                                                                10.95
Breaded meat served with French fries
and salad or rice and beans.

 ALBONDIGAS AL CHIPOTLE                                  10.95
Beef meatballs in tomato sauce and chile chipotle for
a very special flavor. Served with rice, beans, and tortillas

POLLO EN MOLE POBLANO                                    9.95
Chicken: Bread or leg and thighs with a variety of dried
chfles & special seasonings, Served with rice & tortillas

 PECHUGA DE POLLO EMPANIZADA                      9.95
Fried breaded chicken breast filet served with French
fries salad or rice and refried beans

CHILES RELLENOS                                                     9.94
Special chile poblano stuffed with cheese or shredded

beef in tomato sauce; served with rice, beans, and tortillas

ENCHILADAS DE MOLE CON POLLO                     8.96
Three soft tortillas with chicken or beef with mole poblano
topped with cheese. Served with rice and refried beans

ENCHILADAS VERDES CON POLLO                           8.95
Flaked chicken breast in green salsa: Chile, jalapeņo and
green tornatillo sauce on a corn tortlHa; topped with
cheese, served with rice and beans

ENCHILADAS ROJAS                                             8.95 

Three soft tortillas with flaked chicken in a special tomato
sauce topped with cheese, served with rice and beans

ENCHILADAS DE QUESO                                         7.95
Three soft corn cheese tortillas with chopped onion and tomato
sauce, topped with more cheese; served with rice and bean.



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