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 Authentic Mexican Cousine...




1. FLAUTAS                                                                  5.95
Golden corn or flour tortilla with chicken or beef rolled like a
flauta Served with a bed of lettuce, sour cream,and guacamole

A good portion of tortilla chips with refried beans,
chicken or beef topped with cheese, served with
lettuce salad and sour cream.

3. MEXICAN PIZZA                                                       5. 95
Your choice of beef, chicken, or seafood on a
10' crispy flour tortilla covered with refried beans.
Served with vegetable garnish, Mexican sauce,
and sour cream.

4. QUESADILLAS                                                                            5. 95
Three corn tortilla quesadilla or two flour tortilla
quesadillas. 10‑oz soft tortillas with cheese, chicken
or beef, served with a small salad and sour cream

5. QUESADILLAS  AL PASTOR                                  6.95

Three corn tortillas quesadillas or two flour tortillas
quesadillas. 1 10‑oz soft tortillas with cheese, pork
served with a small salad and sour cream

6. QUESADILLAS DE CAMARONES                          8.95
Two flour tortillas of 12‑oz
I jumbo shrimp and lots
of cheese. Cut in 6 slices and served with a small
lettuce salad and sour cream

7. GUACAMOLE DEEP                                                  5.95
A generous guacamole portion with tortilla chips
for two people

5 QUESO FUNDIDO                                                      6.95
Melted cheese, prepared in white wine with Oaxaca
cheese salted with sausage or mushroom.

6. CHILE CON QUESO                                                  4.95
Jack and cheddar cheese fondue mixed with
jalapeņo for that rich spicy flavor.
Served with corn tortilla chips.

10. SINCRONIZADAS                                                    7.00
Two flour tortillas filled with your choice of ham and
cheese, or pork meat and chieese

CHICKEN TENDER AND FRIES                                  4.95

MOZZARELA STICKS                                                  4.95

BUFFALO WINGS             (10 pieces 4.95) (20 pieces 9.50)


MEXICO LINDO COMBINATION                                      7.96
One choose quesadilla I beef Flauta,
I Chicken nacho 5 1 seafood pizza‑For two people



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